Organizational development:
training and technical assistance

Strategicus Consulting supports NGOs, SMEs and public authorities (at central and local level), working to understand their reality, helping them anticipate societal changes and sharing their aspirations for positive changes and reform.


Strategicus Consulting is organizing - periodically and by request - training programs and modules for many types of organizations: non-profits, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), central and local public authorities. These courses are constantly updated and adapted to the changing needs of the national, regional and international environment. Their structure always reflects the latest trends in organizational development, as well as a good knowledge of the NGO, business and administrative framework.

Training topics:
- Organizational Management
- Project Management
- Citizen Participation
- Strategic Planning
- Project Evaluation
- Performance Appraisal
- Communication
- Marketing for LPAs
- Project Planning
- Writing Financial Proposals

Proposal writing

Proposal writing is a complex and time-consuming set of activities. Organizations in need of funding may find very difficult to even know where to begin with a proposal, let alone crafting it effectively. Consultants with the right expertise and experience can take a lot of the guesswork and uncertainty while preparing your proposal. If that's the case with your organization, consider enlisting the help of a professional proposal-writing service at Strategicus Consulting.

You can benefit from our expertise not only in the construction of the proposal but also with key strategic elements such as: contracting, marketing and pricing strategy, sustainability and many more.

Strategicus Consulting also provides technical assistance in order to help you improve your organization as a whole. Our wide range of services seeks to efficiently support your organization's development: assistance in writing applications in order to access EU structural funds; facilitation and assistance of strategic planning and organizational management sessions; technical assistance for the development of fundraising plans, institutional development strategies, marketing plans etc.; team building or retreats for any type of organization; technical assistance for the implementation of EU-funded projects or other.

Application screening

Strategicus Consulting also provides application screening services. These services consist in a deep analysis of an application form before its submission, scoring the application in accordance with the published guidelines, and providing the client with a set of recommendations regarding the needed improvements of the application in order to obtain the best possible result.

Each application form is analyzed - in turns - by three experts with vast experience in PHARE and EU application evaluation, simulating a real evaluation committee. After the screening process, the client receives the following documents: scoresheet with detailed scores for every section of the application form, in accordance with the criteria published by the contracting authority; comments regarding the level of quality and success rate of the application; recommendations regarding the ways in which the application could be improved.

After receiving these documents, the client has the opportunity to ask for further clarifications regarding the provided documents / information. The duration of the screening process is five days. The client receives the documents in electronic format. The priority fee reduces the screening process duration to three day

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