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At Strategicus Consulting, our business focus is on Evaluation and Capacity Building.

Strategicus Consulting is a Romanian private company which provides expert consulting services for program evaluation, organization development (including training and program development / review), and applied social research. We use traditional and innovative evaluation techniques that look at both process and results.

We conduct comprehensive program evaluations, culturally-sensitive assessments, as well as in-depth organization development work. Our evaluations provide a high level of qualitative analysis that enables our clients to maximize the effectiveness of their initiatives.

Our tailor-made assessments help organizations make data-based decisions, become more effective and efficient in their activities, along creating a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

We have developed innovative methodologies for project / program evaluation and training, as well as a set of standards to be used in promoting organizational development. Most of our evaluations have required a mixed-methods approach that combines qualitative & quantitative analysis, but we also have the capability to design and conduct evaluations that use a random assignment design. Our practical approach to evaluation gives you achievable options, opinions and solutions together with an understanding of the associated risks.

Our summative evaluations offer accessible and easily comprehensible statistical analyses, rich qualitative insights, and constructive, data-based recommendations for future program improvement.

Mission: to help organizations, individually and collectively, achieve greater social impact.

Our company designs and implements evaluations to determine the social impact that nonprofits, small businesses, and public agencies create. We work with clients on focused, short-term assessments, as well as on more complex, long-range assignments.

Our consultants share the company's core values: professionalism, honesty, loyalty and common sense. Our staff has extensive experience in designing and carrying out all stages of a program evaluation, from assessing program process and implementation, to examining outcomes and program impact.

Strategicus Consulting is perceived by its clients and partners - non-profit organizations, donors, public authorities, private companies, international bodies, political parties - as an efficient, accessible and credible organization. Our expertise and experience are acknowledged also by the significant number of international contracts that have been awarded to us in the last years.

Strategicus Consulting uses a collaborative approach to program evaluation and conducts all activities in close coordination with the client. We take pride in developing timely, flexible and culturally-responsive evaluation logic models and evaluation plans that provide the foundation for successfully moving a program forward to meet its proposed goals and objectives. Furthermore, all our evaluation studies are conducted in full compliance with international evaluation standards.

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