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Evaluation is an essential component of determining the worth and efficacy of projects, programs and services. It shows the extent to which your goals are being met, and opportunities for learning and improvement. Evaluation is the core component of Strategicus Consulting's work. Our experienced staff has more than 15 years of combined experience in evaluating projects, programs and services across a wide variety of topic areas.


At Strategicus Consulting, our business focus is on Evaluation and Capacity Building. We provide expert consulting services for program evaluation, organization development (including training and program development / review) and applied social research. We use traditional and innovative evaluation techniques that look at both process and results.

Our approach. We have developed innovative methodologies for project / program evaluation and training, as well as a set of standards to be used in measuring organizational development. Most of our evaluations required a mixed-methods approach, but we also have the capability to design and conduct evaluations that use a random assignment design.


Why us? Our tailor-made assessments help organizations make data-based decisions, become more effective and efficient in their activities, along creating a culture of learning and continuous improvement. Our practical approach to evaluation gives you achievable options, opinions and solutions together with an understanding of the associated risks.

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