Selection of previous assignments



Terre des Hommes Romania
External evaluation for assessing the engagement of local stakeholders, infrastructure investments and sustainability of the SHINE project, 2019.

International Orthodox Christian Charities
Final evaluation of the "Together for Better Social Services" project, 2013.

Sense International, UK
"Strategic Development and Business Planning" Program, on behalf of Sense International Romania, 2011-2012.

Media Monitoring Agency
Final evaluation of the "Don't Cut the Forest Mindless" project, 2008.
Institutional assessment using the "Participatory Institutional Assessment Instrument - PIAI", an institutional capacity evaluation tool provided by WLI, 2008.

Pro Democrația Association
Institutional assessment using the "Participatory Institutional Assessment Instrument - PIAI", an institutional capacity evaluation tool provided by WLI, 2008.
"Strengthening Institutional Capacity of Pro Democrația Association to Promote Good Governance" Project, 2006-2007.

World Learning International
"Small NGO Sustainability Program", in co-operation with Progress Foundation and Association for Community Relations, 2006-2007.


Republic of Moldova

Diakonie Austria/Brot für die Welt
Final review of the "Community-based social inclusion and empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities (PWID) and their families" project, implemented by NGO "Hope & Health", 2019.

IREX Moldova / Novateca Program
Development of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Advocacy, in cooperation with Young Initiative Association, 2018.

Partnerships for Every Child, Moldova
The project "Children in Moldova are Cared for in Safe and Secure Families", funded by USAID and the Government of Moldova, 2016.

Oak Foundation
Final evaluation of two Oak Foundation-funded projects: "Establishing child protection systems at local level to ensure the protection of children from abuse, neglect and exploitation in the Republic of Moldova" and "Safe, strong and free - a better system to protect children in Moldova", 2013-2014.

East-Europe Foundation
Independent Review of the implementation of East Europe Foundation’s Strategy, 2020.
Study on practices of political parties and Moldovan legislative framework from the inclusion perspective, 2018.
Mid-Term Review of the Program: "Core support for East-Europe Foundation: Engaging citizens, Empowering Communities", 2015.
Evaluation study of the "Building Democratic Systems by establishing East Europe Foundation in Moldova", 2012.
Evaluation of the "Moldova Election Related Program", 2005.


Eastern Europe

Open Society Foundation, North Macedonia
Final evaluation of the "USAID Roma Education Project", 2013.

Open Society Institute, Hungary
Preliminary assessment of impact for the "Advancing Education Inclusion and Quality in South East Europe Initiative", 2010.
Countries included in evaluation: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, FYROM, Hungary, Kosovo, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia.

Carpathian Foundation International, Hungary
Evaluation study of the ROMANET Program, in co-operation with Partners for Democratic Change, Slovakia, 2005-2006.
Countries included in evaluation: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine.

OSCE Mission in Serbia & Montenegro
Curriculum Development Training and Training of Trainers on Local Self Government Issues Municipal Assembly Support Project, in cooperation with Local Development Group, 2005-2006.


CIS & Caucasus Region

Forum Syd (Lithuania), Belarus
Mid-term Evaluation and Impact Assessment of the Belarus Grants Management Program 2013-2018.

Europe Foundation, Georgia
Summative evaluation of the "Engage and Monitor for Change Program", 2011.
Evaluation study of the "Anti-Corruption NGO Watchdogs Program", 2008.

Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Armenia
Summative Evaluation of the "Government, Civil Society and Media Participation against Corruption" Program, 2009.



Council of Europe
Evaluation of the Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform, 2016.
Countries included in evaluation: Albania, Moldova, Ukraine.
Feasibility Study about the Operational Program "Human Capital" (OPHC), axis 4, 2015.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Review of the International Center for Underwater Archaeology (ICUA) in Zadar, Croatia, 2015.

Network of Education Policy Centers, Croatia
Final evaluation of the project "Private Tutoring: Possible Policy Options", 2011.
Countries included in evaluation: Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Mongolia.


Technical assistance

"E-Civis" Association, Romania
The project "Electoral speech without discrimination", funded through SEE Grants 2009-2014, within the NGO Fund in România, 2014.

Social Integration Support Association (ASIS), Romania
Romania-Switzerland Cooperation Program, 2012.

Autism Romania
SEE Financial Support Mechanism, 2009.

National Association of Autist Children and Adults (Dolj county branch)
SEE Financial Support Mechanism, 2008.

Direct Client Services SRL (Cărturești Bookstores), Romania
Sectoral Operational Program "Increase of Economic Competitiveness" (POS CCE), priority axis 3: ICT for private and public sectors, 2008.

"SOS Children from Gorj County" Foundation, Romania
Support for the development of community mental health services/deinstitutionalization of people with mental disorders (PHARE/2006/018-147.03.12), 2007.

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